Monday, June 6, 2016

Corporate Media Just Coronated Hillary Clinton

I just love how the corporate owned media have just coronated the Democratic nominee before California and 5 other states vote tomorrow. HRC has NOT reached the number of pledged delegates to secure the nomination, and this is the first primary election in history in which the superdelegates have been counted in their math BEFORE they even actually vote, which will be at the convention in July. This is a clear play by the corporate owned media and the REAL owners (see George Carlin's video about the real owners on YouTube) of this country to put their puppet in power!! They DO NOT want the change that Bernie Sanders is fighting for because they WILL lose their power and their profits. Bernie Sanders will make it harder for them to continue the complete extraction of wealth from the middle class into their own pockets, which has been going on since the day Ronald Reagan was sworn into office. Do a little research on the Internet folks. The information is there, fact checked and verified with documentation and evidence. This is not a conspiracy theory. Our democracy has been stripped from us and we only have the illusion of a choice or vote for our leaders. How else do you think the racist, fascist clown Donald Drumpf became the nominee of the GOP?? No thinking person wants him, but he sure is making Hillary Clinton's anointing and coronation very easy.

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