Friday, April 6, 2012

Mitt Romney and the State of the GOP

Romney is not only good at contradicting himself, he also contradicts Obama, perhaps he or his people should do a little homework?? Throughout the primary campaign, Mitt Romney has done nothing but make sweeping general statements about Barack Obama's lack of leadership, lied about his record over and over again, while offering absolutely no concrete or specific plan on what he would do to differently. I have listened to speech after excruciating speech. The most laughable new attack is that President Obama is "out of touch." Yes, out of touch! This coming from a man who is installing a car elevator in his  3600 square foot garage within his 11,000 square foot mansion of a beach house, not to mention his homes in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Last I checked the President owned one home in Chicago and one family vehicle. Anyway, go ahead and watch the video put together by the Obama campaign. It's rather entertaining.


While we're on the subject of being out of touch, in the last three years, President Obama has given the middle class more tax breaks than any Republican in the last 30 years. This is a fact. Middle class America, you have kept more of your paycheck in the last three years than you have in the rest of the last 30. Mitt Romney, if elected President, has promised to cut his own taxes, and those in his tax bracket, you know, the top 1% in HALF!!! Middle class America, do you know how he intends on paying for this extremely generous tax break for himself? YOU!!! Your taxes are going to go up! Not only that, he has embraced the Paul Ryan budget. And this is why people who are cynical about politics and government drive me absolutely mad! They don't pay attention when things like a Paul Ryan budget come along and just blindly say, "They're all crooked." WRONG!! The entire Republican party voted for the Ryan budget last year and this year's is just a carbon copy. If any sane middle class person would pay attention to this thing, he or she would run to the polls in November and vote against every Republican that voted for this budget. A vote for a Republican is a vote against you own best interest. So, what's in this budget. First, a big healthy tax cut for millionaires and billionaires like Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney. They like this budget a lot already. Because the ultra wealthy are "job creators". This has worked so well over the last 30 years right? Right?!? It also increases military spending more than the generals ask for. So how do we pay for these tax cuts and spending increases? Oh yes, we cut billions in funding from Medicaid. It ends Medicare as we know it, turning it into a voucher system in which seniors will pay double what they are now paying for their healthcare. There are spending cuts to education - including Pell grants, food stamps, and infrastructure. His budget only helps the very wealthy and is a burden to women, children, the elderly, and the very poor. Once again, the very wealthy in this country are not called upon to sacrifice one nickel to the recovery effort since the devastating recession.

Here is the President's response to the Ryan budget and Romney's embracement thereof:

WAKE UP AMERICA! Open your eyes to your Republican party. They accept millions of dollars in contributions from the very wealthy and produce laws that benefit only the the very same very wealthy. I do not claim the Democrats are not guilty but for the most part, this Democratic party is fighting for policies which benefit the middle class, close tax loopholes on the very wealthy and large corporations, and this Democratic President, Barack Hussein Obama has fought more for the middle class than any President in the last 30 years. And I will say it unashamed, if it weren't for these obstructionist Republicans, especially these corporate-backed Tea Partiers, the recovery from the recession would have happened much quicker, the jobs would have returned much sooner, the unemployment rate would be low, our nation would be a much more prosperous place right now. But instead of focusing on ways to improve the situation, these Republicans, led by Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, and Eric Cantor, who have made it their number one priority to defeat the President, by whatever means possible, and if that means ruining the economic recovery and preventing job growth, well in the infamous words of Mr. Boehner, "So be it." America, are we going to continue putting these people in office whose goal it is to score political victories, or will we put people in office who will find solutions to our problems and put the people first? We have a choice.