Sunday, January 24, 2010

Spineless Dems

If Democrats were really serious about health care reform, they'd write an excellent bill, with no concessions, and let Republicans filibuster. Then Republicans would be the bad guys. Then when reform passes and works and Americans are happy with the results, Republicans will be exposed for who they truly represent - the health insurance and pharmaceutical industries. I don't understand why Democrats are so scared of a filibuster? Maybe I really don't understand it, but a filibuster doesn't kill a bill. It only delays the inevitable and shows Republicans true colors. So what if you have to go through and read all 1100 pages of the bill? When voters see how petty and obstructionist they are, Republicans won't continue to get elected. Get a spine Democrats! You haven't done what you were elected to do and now the momentum has shifted. Remember who sent you to D.C. You haven't fought for us!