Monday, June 6, 2016

Corporate Media Just Coronated Hillary Clinton

I just love how the corporate owned media have just coronated the Democratic nominee before California and 5 other states vote tomorrow. HRC has NOT reached the number of pledged delegates to secure the nomination, and this is the first primary election in history in which the superdelegates have been counted in their math BEFORE they even actually vote, which will be at the convention in July. This is a clear play by the corporate owned media and the REAL owners (see George Carlin's video about the real owners on YouTube) of this country to put their puppet in power!! They DO NOT want the change that Bernie Sanders is fighting for because they WILL lose their power and their profits. Bernie Sanders will make it harder for them to continue the complete extraction of wealth from the middle class into their own pockets, which has been going on since the day Ronald Reagan was sworn into office. Do a little research on the Internet folks. The information is there, fact checked and verified with documentation and evidence. This is not a conspiracy theory. Our democracy has been stripped from us and we only have the illusion of a choice or vote for our leaders. How else do you think the racist, fascist clown Donald Drumpf became the nominee of the GOP?? No thinking person wants him, but he sure is making Hillary Clinton's anointing and coronation very easy.

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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Christians and Climate Change

So I took a break from my studies this morning to take a shower and while in the shower I had a few thoughts about my profession and career that were provoked by one of my assignments.
I thought about how a lot of patients and their families often pray and thank God for the doctors and nurses and for the advances in science and medicine that has allowed them to treat the patient into recovery and healing.
But then suddenly another thought came to my mind. If people can thank God for the advances in science and the evidence-based practice that allowed the doctors and nurses to treat and heal their loved ones, why is it that when 97% of scientists the world over have found and concluded that global warming and climate change are facts and that human activity is responsible and continually making it worse, why do so many people reject it out of hand or call it a liberal conspiracy? Or why do they say that since 3% of scientists disagree, the jury is out? Why is it they don't realize that those 3% are paid by the oil companies and billionaires to produce those reports because the necessary interventions to slow down or possibly stop climate change will hurt their bottom lines? Then I wonder, if we ever do get serious and, as a people, confront and intervene, will those same people then thank God for the scientists who discovered this problem and then came up with the interventions that could save our planet? Will they thank God for the politicians who stopped being complacent and passed measures to fight the ongoing trend? I wish that people would instead thank the doctors, nurses, researchers, and scientists who have worked tirelessly to bring about the best evidence and the best interventions for both medicine and climate change. I wish people were more inclined to believe the 97% of scientists who have individually studied the data, looked at the trends, and found conclusive evidence of the facts: climate change is real, global warming is real, and unless we act now, the damage will be irreversible. I wish that those who believe God has given us stewardship over the earth will realize that now is the time to act and to fulfill that obligation. Honestly, I don't care whether you give the credit to God or the scientists, but if the vast majority of those in this country who call themselves Christians would stand up to the politicians and vote those out who are in the pockets of the billionaires and fossil fuel industry, we could really make an impact and begin healing the earth that God or nature gave us.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

This New Speaker is a Lying Despicable Koch Brother Shill

This is so disingenuous it makes me sick. So let me get this straight, Ryan wants us, the taxpayers, to pay for his first class flights to and from DC, every weekend, so he can be with his family (remember his salary and expenses are paid by us), but he has voted against every single bill that would allow the rest of us to have meaningful family time and paid leave at critical times in our lives: birth of a child, take care of sick parents, adoption, etc. And the thing that really angers me is this is the wealthiest nation in the world and we are the only 1st world nation that does NOT guarantee paid maternity leave or family leave for important events in our lives. Heck, my wife's country of Uganda, in East Africa, guarantees government employees all kinds of paid leave, including a full month of paid vacation! The only thing Republicans think we can afford is more tax breaks for the extremely wealthy and the wealthy's wars!! These rich men sit around and dream up senseless wars to send not their kids, but ours, to fight and die in, while they further enrich themselves!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Tonight's Democratic Debate

I watched both GOP debates and now the Democrat debate. Tonight was the first debate where the candidates talked about real, substantive issues that affect the middle and working class. This is the first time candidates talked about the economy and taking on the folks that destroyed the economy in 2008. They talked about climate change, acknowledging that it is real and a real threat to our nation and world, and put forth plans to move to a clean energy solution to fight climate change. They had a grown up discussion of foreign policy. The candidates spoke about common sense gun legislation, supported by a vast majority of American citizens, that will keep Americans safe, and clearly stated that the NRA cannot be allowed to keep the Congress paralyzed at a time when getting guns and ammo are too easily obtained in not-so-straightforward ways. They talked about immigration policy in a compassionate way, recognizing that our immigrants are our fellow human beings and should be treated with dignity and respect.

There was no mud slinging, name calling, no racist remarks, in short, this first Democrat debate was an adult debate, in stark contrast with the GOP debates, which looked more like the kids' table, or more accurately, a clown show!!

I look forward to further debates and hope to hear more about what candidates from both parties have to say on veterans' issues and strengthening their benefits and healthcare programs, I'd like to hear more about how they will do more to improve the economy for the middle and working class. I want to hear more about improving primary, secondary, and college education, both in getting better outcomes in the primary and secondary levels, and in making a college education more affordable/free for all Americans who want to better their lives.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Taking Our Country Back (And Moving It Forward)

(Image from Meme GOP FACEBOOK)

It's time we as a nation really did move forward rather than backwards! I am dismayed that the baby boomers used to protest against these injustices, but now they're the ones supporting it and allowing it by electing the same good ol' boys to office that put our country on the backwards path we're on. 
There was a time when the welfare and the good of the people trumped corporate profits or CEO pay and benefits, and there truly was upward mobility in the middle class. Those days are sadly long gone. Since Reagan and the GOP took over in 1981, the middle class has been stripped of all but it's dignity, and even that is almost gone. Yes, we need to take our nation back, we need to protest the injustices perpetrated on us by our legislators and Presidents over the last 33 years, and put the focus back on the people and the middle class, rebuild our factories and production lines, provide a decent living wage to all workers. We need to stand up to the GOP, who continually block funding and efforts to rebuild our infrastructure! Honestly, what could be more important to our national security than well built and well repaired roads and bridges? 
We need to stand up to the GOP, who, at the state level of several states, are passing laws meant to restrict voting or disenfranchise voters so that only Republicans are able to win in their states. Both parties have been guilty of gerrymandering districts to gain advantage at the Congressional level, but the GOP's violations since the 2010 census have been especially egregious. The right to vote and to have your vote really count is one of EVERY American's most precious and sacred rights and responsibilities! It should never be infringed by anyone of any party or ideology! 
I'm tired of the way things are in this country, and I refuse to sit idly by and watch it go to ruin. I will join protests and marches, I will open my mouth and speak out against not only the injustices of our government against its citizens, but also against the apathy of its citizens! Why do you think the NSA has been spying and collecting our private data and correspondences? It's because after 9/11/2001, Congress approved and President Bush signed the Patriot Act, which has since been renewed by President Obama. Don't worry about taking it to the Supreme Court though, there's a 5-4 conservative majority that will never strike it down, regardless of how unconstitutional it is! And while all this and more is going on, taking away our privacy, rights, and freedoms, many of us are too worried about what's going on with the Kardashians or Miley Cyrus or some grease ball on Jersey Shore, distracted, just like the very wealthy and the corporations and the government want you to be! 
I do not apologize for my rant. I want my family and friends to open your eyes. I want this nation to collectively open its eyes and see the direction our country is headed. It is becoming a police state, its citizens monitored continually by the NSA, and owned and operated by the biggest corporations and the wealthiest 0.01% of Americans. It will only change if we as a people united speak out, to and against our elected officials, and vote them out of office if they will not comply with our will. Our tax dollars are being surrendered to the corporations, that already make billions of dollars in profits annually, while they pay very little to no taxes at all! They should be paying taxes for the right and honor of operating in the USA, where they can make such amazing profits! We can change that. I choose to be part of that change. I will not be silenced. I invite you to join me and hundreds of thousands of Americans who have also had their eyes opened and are fighting for change. Do research, get educated, and then speak out and protest the injustices, intolerance, bigotry, hatred, fear mongering, wars, plutocracy and oligarchy that has infested this nation and this government, in a time when such things ought to have been done away!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Bill Moyer: Why America — Where Only The Rich Get Richer — Is Not A Democracy

This is the most important thing anyone can hear today!! By Bill Moyer, we all must stand up and reclaim our democracy!!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Friday, April 6, 2012

Mitt Romney and the State of the GOP

Romney is not only good at contradicting himself, he also contradicts Obama, perhaps he or his people should do a little homework?? Throughout the primary campaign, Mitt Romney has done nothing but make sweeping general statements about Barack Obama's lack of leadership, lied about his record over and over again, while offering absolutely no concrete or specific plan on what he would do to differently. I have listened to speech after excruciating speech. The most laughable new attack is that President Obama is "out of touch." Yes, out of touch! This coming from a man who is installing a car elevator in his  3600 square foot garage within his 11,000 square foot mansion of a beach house, not to mention his homes in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Last I checked the President owned one home in Chicago and one family vehicle. Anyway, go ahead and watch the video put together by the Obama campaign. It's rather entertaining.


While we're on the subject of being out of touch, in the last three years, President Obama has given the middle class more tax breaks than any Republican in the last 30 years. This is a fact. Middle class America, you have kept more of your paycheck in the last three years than you have in the rest of the last 30. Mitt Romney, if elected President, has promised to cut his own taxes, and those in his tax bracket, you know, the top 1% in HALF!!! Middle class America, do you know how he intends on paying for this extremely generous tax break for himself? YOU!!! Your taxes are going to go up! Not only that, he has embraced the Paul Ryan budget. And this is why people who are cynical about politics and government drive me absolutely mad! They don't pay attention when things like a Paul Ryan budget come along and just blindly say, "They're all crooked." WRONG!! The entire Republican party voted for the Ryan budget last year and this year's is just a carbon copy. If any sane middle class person would pay attention to this thing, he or she would run to the polls in November and vote against every Republican that voted for this budget. A vote for a Republican is a vote against you own best interest. So, what's in this budget. First, a big healthy tax cut for millionaires and billionaires like Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney. They like this budget a lot already. Because the ultra wealthy are "job creators". This has worked so well over the last 30 years right? Right?!? It also increases military spending more than the generals ask for. So how do we pay for these tax cuts and spending increases? Oh yes, we cut billions in funding from Medicaid. It ends Medicare as we know it, turning it into a voucher system in which seniors will pay double what they are now paying for their healthcare. There are spending cuts to education - including Pell grants, food stamps, and infrastructure. His budget only helps the very wealthy and is a burden to women, children, the elderly, and the very poor. Once again, the very wealthy in this country are not called upon to sacrifice one nickel to the recovery effort since the devastating recession.

Here is the President's response to the Ryan budget and Romney's embracement thereof:

WAKE UP AMERICA! Open your eyes to your Republican party. They accept millions of dollars in contributions from the very wealthy and produce laws that benefit only the the very same very wealthy. I do not claim the Democrats are not guilty but for the most part, this Democratic party is fighting for policies which benefit the middle class, close tax loopholes on the very wealthy and large corporations, and this Democratic President, Barack Hussein Obama has fought more for the middle class than any President in the last 30 years. And I will say it unashamed, if it weren't for these obstructionist Republicans, especially these corporate-backed Tea Partiers, the recovery from the recession would have happened much quicker, the jobs would have returned much sooner, the unemployment rate would be low, our nation would be a much more prosperous place right now. But instead of focusing on ways to improve the situation, these Republicans, led by Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, and Eric Cantor, who have made it their number one priority to defeat the President, by whatever means possible, and if that means ruining the economic recovery and preventing job growth, well in the infamous words of Mr. Boehner, "So be it." America, are we going to continue putting these people in office whose goal it is to score political victories, or will we put people in office who will find solutions to our problems and put the people first? We have a choice.