Saturday, August 30, 2008

Roll Tide Roll!!!!

#9 Clemson who?? Did anyone objectively pick the Crimson Tide to open the season like this against the best the ACC had to offer?? I'm not aware of anyone. Of course I, as well as thousands of Alabama fans, knew that Alabama was more than capable of taking on a top 10 team. And we handled them. Our offensive and defensive lines controlled the entire game. The only touchdown they scored was on special teams. I know that SEC teams will be tougher, but if we keep this up and finish games like we did tonight, there's gonna be a couple of upsets, particularly LSU. I said last year that Les Miles would never beat Nick Saban again (and honestly they didn't last year), and I stand by that statement. This is going to be a great season for the Crimson Tide and I can't wait for every Saturday this fall!!!

Friday, August 29, 2008

What was he thinking??

Or was he thinking at all?? Clearly, John McCain's judgment must be incredibly cloudy and must be questioned. Is he serious?? I am appalled. John McCain's VP pick in Sarah Palin is utterly irresponsible and dangerous. Seriously, McCain is old, the oldest first term President if he wins, and he's had skin cancer at least twice. Sure, his docs say he's in good health and should last the next four years, but they have to say that crap. His docs are not going to come out and tell the American people he's not healthy enough to be President. They're on his side. There's a good chance, God forbid, he could become incapacitated or die, and do you honestly think the "hockey mom" has what it takes to stand up to the likes of Vladimir Putin, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Hugo Chavez, Kim Jong-il, and Osama bin Laden??? Is that who you want to be Commander in Chief of our Armed Forces?? I'm sorry, but contrary to what McCain thinks, mayor of a town of 8000 people and a year and a half as governor of one of the least populous states are not qualifications to be Vice President of the United States. She's only been outside the U.S. once in her life and that was last year. In addition, McCain is touting her record of ethics reform, while she is under investigation for ethics violations. Hmmm...can we say lack of judgment? I read one of McCain's spokesmen said that Palin would learn about foreign policy at the feet of the master. That's the scariest thing I've ever heard, given that McCain wants to keep us in Iraq at a time when they're asking us to leave and will continue the foreign policies of George Bush that has the world hating us. Presidents have died within the first couple of months after they've taken office. Who is she going to learn from then? We cannot afford to elect this ticket. We cannot take a chance on John McCain remaining healthy. We cannot take a chance on John McCain, period.

Furthermore, 18 million people right now should be offended. Women everywhere should feel that their intelligence has been insulted. Those 18 million cracks in the glass ceiling were for Hillary and the issues and values she stood for. And as she said in her magnificent speech on Wednesday, if you voted for her in the primaries, you must vote for Obama to ensure that the policies she stands for will go forward. Don't get me wrong, I don't support abortion and other social issues that Hillary stands for. But voting for Palin just for the sake of voting for a woman is completely insane. Palin completely disagrees with almost everything Clinton stands for. People who vote for a woman for the sake of voting for a woman are uneducated and irresponsible. I've said the same about voting for Obama because he's black or voting for Romney because he's Mormon. None of these things are qualifications for being President or from "being a heartbeat away" from being President. To be sure, I did not support Hillary in the primaries, but I feel that my intelligence has been insulted. McCain has been preaching about putting the country first, but in this move, he has put his career and politics above the safety and security of the American people. He has put his country last, dead last. This is a total political gimmick and is shameful. And Palin came out and the first thing she did as VP candidate was to take credit for all of Hillary's hard work and tell the women of this country that women still haven't lost and that they can now vote for her. Hillary congratulated Palin on being chosen, but then warned that she and McCain would take the country in the wrong direction.

But other than national security, how is Palin going to handle other issues? What knowledge could she possibly have of how to fix the economy? The main export in Alaska is oil. That's about all she had to work with. And besides that, her husband worked for the oil companies. McCain is in bed with the oil companies like his predecessor. They want to give $4 billion in tax cuts to oil companies when they are making $12 billion in profits each quarter and we're paying nearly $4 a gallon for gas. I'm suffering at the pump and now oil companies are going to profit another $4 billion per year, thanks John and Sarah, but no thanks. They want to keep us in Iraq paying over $10 billion per month while Iraq is sitting on $80 billion and not spending anything on their reconstruction, no thanks John and Sarah. They want to give big oil and big business tax breaks while our jobs are going overseas and we're not getting any relief, no thanks. We're sitting on the biggest national deficit in American history, thanks to Bush. And the McCain policies of tax breaks for the rich will only further sink us in debt. Obama wants to free us of our dependency on foreign oil in 10 years, which would save us from borrowing money from China to buy oil in Middle Eastern nations and Venezuela, who openly hate us and would like to see us destroyed. McCain wants to give incentives to the same oil companies and countries who despise us and keep us dependent on them. I just wonder, what's in it for Bush and McCain?? What incentives are they getting from the oil companies to keep America dependent on them for energy? If McCain is so concerned about our national security and putting country first, he would encourage and promote initiatives that would free us from oil, rather than keeping us dependent on it.

But no, McCain - or as he has become known, McSame - doesn't practice what he preaches. He has put his political career ahead of what is good for the country by choosing Ms. Congeniality hockey mom as our potential commander in chief. He is trying to pick off a few of Hillary's upset women in an effort to make a comeback in this election he is obviously losing. He has demonstrated clear lack of judgment by making an irresponsible, dangerous choice of this woman who he only barely knows. It is my hope that women across America will see this ploy for what it is, and tell McCain that they are not going to vote for him out of this desperate and unwise VP pick. This is definitely NOT the change we need!!!