Monday, August 26, 2013

Taking Our Country Back (And Moving It Forward)

(Image from Meme GOP FACEBOOK)

It's time we as a nation really did move forward rather than backwards! I am dismayed that the baby boomers used to protest against these injustices, but now they're the ones supporting it and allowing it by electing the same good ol' boys to office that put our country on the backwards path we're on. 
There was a time when the welfare and the good of the people trumped corporate profits or CEO pay and benefits, and there truly was upward mobility in the middle class. Those days are sadly long gone. Since Reagan and the GOP took over in 1981, the middle class has been stripped of all but it's dignity, and even that is almost gone. Yes, we need to take our nation back, we need to protest the injustices perpetrated on us by our legislators and Presidents over the last 33 years, and put the focus back on the people and the middle class, rebuild our factories and production lines, provide a decent living wage to all workers. We need to stand up to the GOP, who continually block funding and efforts to rebuild our infrastructure! Honestly, what could be more important to our national security than well built and well repaired roads and bridges? 
We need to stand up to the GOP, who, at the state level of several states, are passing laws meant to restrict voting or disenfranchise voters so that only Republicans are able to win in their states. Both parties have been guilty of gerrymandering districts to gain advantage at the Congressional level, but the GOP's violations since the 2010 census have been especially egregious. The right to vote and to have your vote really count is one of EVERY American's most precious and sacred rights and responsibilities! It should never be infringed by anyone of any party or ideology! 
I'm tired of the way things are in this country, and I refuse to sit idly by and watch it go to ruin. I will join protests and marches, I will open my mouth and speak out against not only the injustices of our government against its citizens, but also against the apathy of its citizens! Why do you think the NSA has been spying and collecting our private data and correspondences? It's because after 9/11/2001, Congress approved and President Bush signed the Patriot Act, which has since been renewed by President Obama. Don't worry about taking it to the Supreme Court though, there's a 5-4 conservative majority that will never strike it down, regardless of how unconstitutional it is! And while all this and more is going on, taking away our privacy, rights, and freedoms, many of us are too worried about what's going on with the Kardashians or Miley Cyrus or some grease ball on Jersey Shore, distracted, just like the very wealthy and the corporations and the government want you to be! 
I do not apologize for my rant. I want my family and friends to open your eyes. I want this nation to collectively open its eyes and see the direction our country is headed. It is becoming a police state, its citizens monitored continually by the NSA, and owned and operated by the biggest corporations and the wealthiest 0.01% of Americans. It will only change if we as a people united speak out, to and against our elected officials, and vote them out of office if they will not comply with our will. Our tax dollars are being surrendered to the corporations, that already make billions of dollars in profits annually, while they pay very little to no taxes at all! They should be paying taxes for the right and honor of operating in the USA, where they can make such amazing profits! We can change that. I choose to be part of that change. I will not be silenced. I invite you to join me and hundreds of thousands of Americans who have also had their eyes opened and are fighting for change. Do research, get educated, and then speak out and protest the injustices, intolerance, bigotry, hatred, fear mongering, wars, plutocracy and oligarchy that has infested this nation and this government, in a time when such things ought to have been done away!