Saturday, May 3, 2008


Boy am I glad that's over!! I'm obviously NOT referring to the Democratic primaries. No, I just finished with my spring semester, finally. I wasn't sure it would ever end. Now I only have two classes in June and two in July, then I graduate in August!!!!!!! What sucks about it is after all this hard work, there's no pay increase. Oh well, guess I can't complain. There aren't too many professions where you're guaranteed a job no matter where you are. The shortage in nursing is real. Two of my classes this summer will be on the Master's level, however I've decided that I will not be returning in the fall for my Master's. I'm going to wait until Henry starts school in a few years. Then I'll get my degree and have the experience to get the type of management position I'm looking for. I will go back and get it, I just have to finish the degree within 6 years. I'll be working a lot in the month of May while I'm out of school. St. V's is paying a nice bonus for extra shifts worked. And I'm going to read a book, relax, enjoy this month, because it's back to work hard core in June.

Now with regards to the Democratic primaries...Who knows?? I'm so tired of it now. Obama's pastor said this, Hillary said that, she's got experience, he's got none, but he's bringing change. Who cares?? They both say they're going to raise taxes on the rich and keep them low for the middle class. Bull crap, the rich will never pay their fair share of taxes and the burden will always be on the middle class. They have all these grand plans and ideas, and they all require a huge tax increase. Increased taxes = less money in our pockets = declining economy. When will the Dems learn??? Our economy is in enough trouble as it is. I know they need to raise taxes to fund all their extravagant plans, but they don't indicate closing shop on all the government programs we don't need, and they certainly don't talk about controlling pork barrell spending. Dems love their little pet projects and wasting our tax dollars on bull crap. I'm not saying Republicans have been any better lately. They had six years to get something done and put the country on a more fiscally sound path, but squandered that time and increased spending. Obama keeps talking about change. Ok, so when is he going to lay out any specific plans?? I went to his website the other day. I went specifically to find out his plans and proposals. All I found was he endorsed someone else's plan or offered some vague idea, but few concrete plans. The only concrete plan he has is to systematically withdraw troops from Iraq within 16 months. He obviously thinks it is ok to allow al-Qaeda to set up shop there and then try diplomacy. We're just going to end up going back over there to clean up Obama's mess from pulling out too early. Hey, but I'm just a dumb kid from Alabama, what the heck do I know??