Friday, October 9, 2009

It's All About Death

I know that I have posted several video clips from "Countdown with Keith Olbermann." I make no apology. On Wednesday, October 7, Mr. Olbermann devoted the entire hour of his program to a Special Comment entitled "Health Care Reform: Saving American Lives." My words cannot add to or do justice to what Keith explains here. All I can say is that as I listened to his experience of the last couple of months, I have complete empathy as a registered nurse who experiences similar patient care issues on a more frequent basis than I want to admit. The time has come to fix our healthcare system now and to do it right. For the reasons Keith explains in terms of the insurance companies and their "cartel", we must stand up as a people to our government and tell them we want them to work for us and each American life, and to stop working for the insurance companies which are profiting exorbitantly at the expense of our sicknesses and suffering. In the "greatest/richest nation on earth" it is ethically and morally wrong for anyone to have to go bankrupt or even DIE because they were denied health insurance. I implore all to watch this Special Comment and then commit to making healthcare reform a priority. At the risk of using cliche, this really is a matter of life or death.