Wednesday, November 30, 2016

We Need an Education Revolution

THIS!!!! I've been saying for years that our educational system sucks and this is precisely why!! It is anti-science!!! Our kids are at a major disadvantage and some 3rd world countries have better educational systems than we do!! We need an education revolution in this country!!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

You SUCK 2016

Dear 2016,
You took from us:
Natalie Cole, David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Glenn Frey, Maurice White, Harper Lee, Frank Sinatra Jr., Phife Dawg, Patty Duke, Erik Bauersfeld, Merle Haggard, Doris Roberts, Prince, Lonnie Mack, Afeni Shakur, Morley Safer, John Berry, Muhammad Ali, Prince Be, Anton Yelchin, Marni Nixon, John Saunders, Kenny Baker, Gene Wilder, Jerry Heller, Shawty Lo, Arnold Palmer, Rod Temperton, Janet Reno, Leonard Cohen, Gwen Ifill, and many, many more wonderful legends.
You gave us:
Donald Trump and Mike Pence.
2016, go fuck yourself.
And 2017, you ain't starting out much better.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Christians Who Voted for Donald Trump are Hypocrites!

Now, first, emphatically YES!!! Christians who voted for Trump are hypocrites. He is, says, does, and behaves in every way you despise, yet voted for him anyway. You blame Hillary for Bill's behavior, yet excuse Trump's infidelity to all 3 of his wives, not to mention he stated that he is a chauvinist, misogynist, and guilty of sexual abuse against non-consenting women, and he has multiple women who have claimed that he abused them, yet you excused this and voted for him anyway. He claims that he goes into the dressing room of Ms. Universe contestants to see them naked, and they have corroborated this, yet you excused him and voted for him anyway. He's called women pigs, Mexicans rapists and murderers, he's made very racist comments to and about African Americans, he's mocked the disabled, he's called for a ban on members of an entire religion, he's made anti-Semitic comments and ads, and yet you excused all his name calling and scapegoating and voted for him anyway. All his hateful, intolerant, ignorant, and vitriolic words and actions you have excused and voted for him anyway. I'm about 100% positive, as I read the Bible, that this man is the epitome of evil and exactly the opposite of what Jesus taught that we should be, yet you excused Jesus and voted for Trump anyway. And the one and only reason you refused to vote for Hillary Clinton? Her stance that a woman should be free to choose for herself, without government intrusion, whether or not to have an abortion. Of course, you will cite the email problems (which were not problems) and the fake Benghazi scandal fully made up and pushed by Fox "News", despite 8 GOP led investigations that found absolutely NO wrongdoing by Clinton or Obama. No, you excused a man who is a hateful, misogynistic, racist, homophobic, xenophobic, vitriolic bigot, who has not one day of experience in government and elected him to be the President of the United States of America, all because you hate the woman who has prepared for her entire life through public service, one of the most qualified candidates this nation has ever seen, because of her stance on abortion. Well guess what, I don't like abortion either, but I realize I cannot push my religious beliefs on ANYONE!!!!! And no one's religious beliefs should EVER be legislated into American law because the Constitution expressly forbids it!!!!! So, when I say that Christians who voted for Trump are hypocrites, I mean it in every sense of the word!!! I grew up in a conservative Christian home and was taught to always vote Republican. I am who I am now because I ventured to educate myself and deeply researched the issues. If you still think that Republicans and conservatism is the way to go, then tell me why the data shows that the economy ALWAYS does remarkably better under Democratic Presidents than Republicans. The last Republican President that had the economy going for him was Eisenhower, and at that time the top tax rate on the very wealthy was near 90%! The economy boomed after Clinton raised taxes on the rich and jobs grew and he was paying down the national debt because he had a surplus. Bush doubled the debt in his 8 years and ballooned the deficit and his policies created the worst recession and nearly a global economic collapse. Obama's policies have caused a continuous 79-month job growth record, he tripled the value of the stock market, he has reduced the deficit by three quarters, and cut unemployment in half. The facts do not bear out the conservative narrative. I'm not claiming that Obama or Clinton are perfect (certainly not Clinton), but I am saying that what is feared about them are completely incompatible with the facts and reality. Oh, and by the way, Obama only has 2 months left and not a single living soul has had his or her guns taken from them, I'm not sure, but I don't think he'll start a gun confiscation program in the next 2 months. So, in short, my real self is based in reality, and this is who I am, love me or hate me. Trump is and will be a disaster economically (oh and did I forget to mention that Trump voters just love that he is a business man and ignore the FACT that EVERY SINGLE BUSINESS VENTURE HAS FAILED and ended in bankruptcy!!!! He also doesn't pay his bills and if he defaults on America's debt, we're all screwed.), his Islamophobia was used months ago by ISIS to recruit new members from around the world, he will diminish our power and prestige and influence in the world, and mark my words, this country will be near the brink of economic collapse by the end of his four years, if it hasn't already. He has already, just since his election, emboldened racists to act out against and harass minorities, and he has placed Steven K. Bannon, a known white supremacist, as his chief White House strategist and senior counselor. I don't think Jesus would be ok with that, but you excused what Jesus would think and voted for him anyway.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Corporate Media Just Coronated Hillary Clinton

I just love how the corporate owned media have just coronated the Democratic nominee before California and 5 other states vote tomorrow. HRC has NOT reached the number of pledged delegates to secure the nomination, and this is the first primary election in history in which the superdelegates have been counted in their math BEFORE they even actually vote, which will be at the convention in July. This is a clear play by the corporate owned media and the REAL owners (see George Carlin's video about the real owners on YouTube) of this country to put their puppet in power!! They DO NOT want the change that Bernie Sanders is fighting for because they WILL lose their power and their profits. Bernie Sanders will make it harder for them to continue the complete extraction of wealth from the middle class into their own pockets, which has been going on since the day Ronald Reagan was sworn into office. Do a little research on the Internet folks. The information is there, fact checked and verified with documentation and evidence. This is not a conspiracy theory. Our democracy has been stripped from us and we only have the illusion of a choice or vote for our leaders. How else do you think the racist, fascist clown Donald Drumpf became the nominee of the GOP?? No thinking person wants him, but he sure is making Hillary Clinton's anointing and coronation very easy.

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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Christians and Climate Change

So I took a break from my studies this morning to take a shower and while in the shower I had a few thoughts about my profession and career that were provoked by one of my assignments.
I thought about how a lot of patients and their families often pray and thank God for the doctors and nurses and for the advances in science and medicine that has allowed them to treat the patient into recovery and healing.
But then suddenly another thought came to my mind. If people can thank God for the advances in science and the evidence-based practice that allowed the doctors and nurses to treat and heal their loved ones, why is it that when 97% of scientists the world over have found and concluded that global warming and climate change are facts and that human activity is responsible and continually making it worse, why do so many people reject it out of hand or call it a liberal conspiracy? Or why do they say that since 3% of scientists disagree, the jury is out? Why is it they don't realize that those 3% are paid by the oil companies and billionaires to produce those reports because the necessary interventions to slow down or possibly stop climate change will hurt their bottom lines? Then I wonder, if we ever do get serious and, as a people, confront and intervene, will those same people then thank God for the scientists who discovered this problem and then came up with the interventions that could save our planet? Will they thank God for the politicians who stopped being complacent and passed measures to fight the ongoing trend? I wish that people would instead thank the doctors, nurses, researchers, and scientists who have worked tirelessly to bring about the best evidence and the best interventions for both medicine and climate change. I wish people were more inclined to believe the 97% of scientists who have individually studied the data, looked at the trends, and found conclusive evidence of the facts: climate change is real, global warming is real, and unless we act now, the damage will be irreversible. I wish that those who believe God has given us stewardship over the earth will realize that now is the time to act and to fulfill that obligation. Honestly, I don't care whether you give the credit to God or the scientists, but if the vast majority of those in this country who call themselves Christians would stand up to the politicians and vote those out who are in the pockets of the billionaires and fossil fuel industry, we could really make an impact and begin healing the earth that God or nature gave us.