Sunday, January 10, 2016

Christians and Climate Change

So I took a break from my studies this morning to take a shower and while in the shower I had a few thoughts about my profession and career that were provoked by one of my assignments.
I thought about how a lot of patients and their families often pray and thank God for the doctors and nurses and for the advances in science and medicine that has allowed them to treat the patient into recovery and healing.
But then suddenly another thought came to my mind. If people can thank God for the advances in science and the evidence-based practice that allowed the doctors and nurses to treat and heal their loved ones, why is it that when 97% of scientists the world over have found and concluded that global warming and climate change are facts and that human activity is responsible and continually making it worse, why do so many people reject it out of hand or call it a liberal conspiracy? Or why do they say that since 3% of scientists disagree, the jury is out? Why is it they don't realize that those 3% are paid by the oil companies and billionaires to produce those reports because the necessary interventions to slow down or possibly stop climate change will hurt their bottom lines? Then I wonder, if we ever do get serious and, as a people, confront and intervene, will those same people then thank God for the scientists who discovered this problem and then came up with the interventions that could save our planet? Will they thank God for the politicians who stopped being complacent and passed measures to fight the ongoing trend? I wish that people would instead thank the doctors, nurses, researchers, and scientists who have worked tirelessly to bring about the best evidence and the best interventions for both medicine and climate change. I wish people were more inclined to believe the 97% of scientists who have individually studied the data, looked at the trends, and found conclusive evidence of the facts: climate change is real, global warming is real, and unless we act now, the damage will be irreversible. I wish that those who believe God has given us stewardship over the earth will realize that now is the time to act and to fulfill that obligation. Honestly, I don't care whether you give the credit to God or the scientists, but if the vast majority of those in this country who call themselves Christians would stand up to the politicians and vote those out who are in the pockets of the billionaires and fossil fuel industry, we could really make an impact and begin healing the earth that God or nature gave us.

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