Sunday, August 26, 2007

One year wiser...

Well, I had a birthday a couple of weeks ago. 27 now. I can't believe how time has gone so quickly. I've been so busy at work and I just started back to school last week. I'm working on my bachelor's degree in nursing and my master's in nursing. I'll have the former next summer and the latter in the spring of 2009. It's all online, so I'll be able to do it on my nights off work. Just gotta be disciplined. Hopefully the next couple of years will go kind of quickly so I can get this over with and move on the bigger and better things. I enjoy my work, but it's certainly not what I want to do my whole life. Nursing is a great career, but I don't want to be at the bedside forever. There are so many other opportunities.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Blog recommendation

I just wanted to encourage everyone to visit Evangelicals for Mitt. It is a blog promoting Mitt Romney for President of the United States of America. Sure, I'm a Latter-day Saint, and I'll vote for him and hope he wins. I believe he is the only man qualified to run the most powerful nation on earth from either party, not just because we're both "Mormons", but because he's the most qualified. If you don't think so, check out what these evangelical christians are saying!! It's not all about theology, which they clearly don't agree with. It's about who has the right values and leadership qualities. Think about it, do we really want Hillary in the White House for another 4 to 8 years?? The Clintons have had their go and caused enough trouble. Let's vote for a President who will bring honor and integrity and yes, good conservative family values to the White House. Check out the blog, I've got a link to it on the side bar with my favorite links.