Sunday, November 1, 2015

This New Speaker is a Lying Despicable Koch Brother Shill

This is so disingenuous it makes me sick. So let me get this straight, Ryan wants us, the taxpayers, to pay for his first class flights to and from DC, every weekend, so he can be with his family (remember his salary and expenses are paid by us), but he has voted against every single bill that would allow the rest of us to have meaningful family time and paid leave at critical times in our lives: birth of a child, take care of sick parents, adoption, etc. And the thing that really angers me is this is the wealthiest nation in the world and we are the only 1st world nation that does NOT guarantee paid maternity leave or family leave for important events in our lives. Heck, my wife's country of Uganda, in East Africa, guarantees government employees all kinds of paid leave, including a full month of paid vacation! The only thing Republicans think we can afford is more tax breaks for the extremely wealthy and the wealthy's wars!! These rich men sit around and dream up senseless wars to send not their kids, but ours, to fight and die in, while they further enrich themselves!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Tonight's Democratic Debate

I watched both GOP debates and now the Democrat debate. Tonight was the first debate where the candidates talked about real, substantive issues that affect the middle and working class. This is the first time candidates talked about the economy and taking on the folks that destroyed the economy in 2008. They talked about climate change, acknowledging that it is real and a real threat to our nation and world, and put forth plans to move to a clean energy solution to fight climate change. They had a grown up discussion of foreign policy. The candidates spoke about common sense gun legislation, supported by a vast majority of American citizens, that will keep Americans safe, and clearly stated that the NRA cannot be allowed to keep the Congress paralyzed at a time when getting guns and ammo are too easily obtained in not-so-straightforward ways. They talked about immigration policy in a compassionate way, recognizing that our immigrants are our fellow human beings and should be treated with dignity and respect.

There was no mud slinging, name calling, no racist remarks, in short, this first Democrat debate was an adult debate, in stark contrast with the GOP debates, which looked more like the kids' table, or more accurately, a clown show!!

I look forward to further debates and hope to hear more about what candidates from both parties have to say on veterans' issues and strengthening their benefits and healthcare programs, I'd like to hear more about how they will do more to improve the economy for the middle and working class. I want to hear more about improving primary, secondary, and college education, both in getting better outcomes in the primary and secondary levels, and in making a college education more affordable/free for all Americans who want to better their lives.