Saturday, January 12, 2008

Michigan coming up...

Ok, so I've taken a couple of weeks off. Of course, I've been so disgusted with Iowa and New Hampshire that I've really just been speechless. Yes, I am a staunch Mitt Romney supporter and I'll make no apology for that. If we have a Democrat for President for the next four years, I think I'll blame Iowa. Honestly, I thought Iowans were supposed to be the most informed and involved when it came to politics, but evidently, they're only thinking with their pastors' permission. Not all of them, of course. Maybe I'm a little biased, and maybe I'm just completely wrong. But I don't care, I will not apologize. I don't want to accuse anyone of religious bigotry, but it's really hard to rule it out. It's not about not being bought off, it's about voting "for one of our own." How could anyone who professes to be a Republican vote for a Mike Huckabee, who is only conservative in one area of conservatism? If we are to have a Republican President, it will have to be by someone who can unite the conservative base - social, fiscal, and foreign policy conservatives. Huck only serves the social aspect. Otherwise, he is a tax and spend liberal who's answer to his lack of foreign policy experience is, "Well, I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night." And of course the liberal media is singing his praises because he's the easiest in the bunch to beat regardless of who the Democrat nominee is. John McCain is no better. He can't unite all three brances of conservatives. He voted against the Bush tax cuts and supports, for lack of a better word, amnesty for illegals. Can we move out all 20 million illegal immigrants? Of course not, but they shouldn't have an easier route to citizenship than others who have been standing in line for years because they are already here - illegally.

Mitt Romney is the only Republican candidate who is truly a conservative through and through. You know, I would bet my whole year's salary that if Mitt Romney was not Mormon, and was a member of any other Christian denomination, he would be rolling right now, winning every state bar none. Why do I say that? No evangelical Christians would be voting for Huck just because he's one of their own. Romney is by far the superior choice because of his experience and overall intelligence and social postitions. Have you listened to the words that come out of Huck's mouth? And you still voted for him?? I'm having a hard time understanding it. How can he come across as genuine to anyone? He lies and gets caught in his lies, and won't confess he was wrong, but starts pointing at someone else. Are you kidding me? He hasn't been sincere about anything. McCain would still be doing about as good as he was last summer. There's no way he would have surged as he has. Of course, Guiliani has hit the backburners and is likely to stay there unless he can pull something big on Super Tuesday. No social conservative is going to vote for Guiliani. Romney is a Republican's dream candidate because of his positions on every issue, not to mention his leadership experience in the private sector and as governor. There's just that Mormon issue that is causing people to squirm. Guess what I have to say to that? Grow up America!!! Get over it. We're not voting for a pastor, we're voting for a President. Are we going to hand the Democrats the Presidency because of the Church a particular candidate belongs to? The next Pres is going to nominate two or three Supreme Court justices. If Roe vs. Wade is ever going to be overturned it will only happen if we have a social conservative in office. Huck is unelectable. He can't win. If Romney is not the Republican nominee, we will have a Democrat for President, mark my words.

Honestly people, our economy is going to crap. Is it possible that we need someone who understands how to revitalize and grow the economy and bring jobs to Americans. Do you really want to trust that to McCain, who is trying to keep illegal aliens here? I've always thought it interesting that McCain, whose state borders Mexico, and is one of the most guilty states for using illegal immigrants for labor, is one of the only Republicans pushing to keep them here. Of course Huck would give them all great rates on tuition while I'm paying top dollar to go to school now. I have to tell you, as good as my grades are, and as hard as I work, I think I deserve a break a little more than someone who is here illegally.

So, on to Michigan. Governor Romney currently has more votes and more delegates than the rest. They say McCain is leading in the polls. The more I think about it, the more I can't help but wonder whether Republicans just really want a Democrat for President this time. I stand by what I have said for months, Mitt Romney is the only Republican candidate that can beat the likes of Hillary or Obama. The others can't get the support needed to pull an upset. I just can't see where unexperienced Obama or Hillary can compete in a debate with Romney on how to stregthen the economy, what to do about illegal immigration, or how to best provide healthcare to Americans. On the other hand, smooth talking Obama and fast talking Hillary would eat McCain or Huck for lunch. I hope and pray Michigan figures out what Iowa and New Hampshire could not.

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