Monday, December 31, 2007

Liberal Media Love Huck

I have one complaint tonight. Is it just me or is the media in love with Mike Huckabee? Over the last few weeks, almost every story I read involving Huck presents him in some fabulous light. And what are they about? Huck blasting Mitt Romney over his "dishonesty" or his "sincerity" in his opposition to abortion. Let's discuss honesty shall we?

Mike Huckabee swears he had nothing to do with releasing Wayne Dumond other than signing a paper. And yet three or four on the parole board swear he had a more than one closed door meeting with them pushing Dumond's release. So, the word of Huck or the word of three or four parole board members?? I tend to believe the word of several witnesses. Huck is a liar. What has Mitt lied about? Who knows? Huck said he was being dishonest to get the job, but never gives any legitimate examples.

From a CNN article, "Romney has been airing television ads criticizing Huckabee for raising state spending, backing in-state tuition for illegal immigrants at state colleges and granting more than 1,000 pardons and commutations.

"Huckabee has said the claims are taken out of context..." Let me ask a question...How does one take 1000 pardons out of context? He granted them plain and simple. Heck it was easy to get one in Arkansas. All you had to do was say you got saved and wanted to change your life, and Huckabee would fight to get you pardoned. And Huck can't possibly be backing down from his in-state tuition for illegals, I heard him defend that position emphatically on the YouTube debate. Mike Huckabee raised spending from $6 million to $16 million. How is that taken out of context? That's the facts. Of course, CNN doesn't raise this question or criticize Huck for making such a foolish statement. They provide a link to a video of Huck criticizing Romney instead.

Next thing...If Romney gets the Republican nomination for President, Huckabee will not support him in the national election. Which proves the point I and others have been making for some time. Huckabee is a Democrat in every way except that he opposes abortion and same-sex marraige. Otherwise he is very liberal. I can't help but wonder if his opposition to Romney has more to do with Romney being a Mormon than anything else. Being a Southern Baptist minister, I'm sure he has preached sermons about why Mormons are wrong and going to hell. I haven't met a Southern Baptist minister who hasn't preached such a sermon. He simply can't support a Mormon, regardless of his politics. Of course he won't admit to it, but he has stumbled with the Mormon question before.

So back to my original question...Is the media in love with Huckabee? Heck yeah they are. Why? Because he is the easiest Republican candidate to beat. The liberals have put it out there to keep Huck out of their negative comments. Clinton and Obama do not want to run against Mitt Romney. He represents real Reagan conservativism. He stands on all three legs of social conservative, fiscal conservative, and foreign policy conservative. He can unite the conservative coalition and obtain the support needed to easily defeat the Democratic nominee, whoever that may be. They know it and they don't want to face it. Therefore, they are keeping quiet about Huck. The liberal media even tries to make him look good. I think Americans are smarter than that. I think Americans are smarter than to have a nominee who jokes about his lack of foreign policy experience, supports benefits for illegal immigrants, and supports tax and spending increases. I think they are smarter than to nominate a candidate who is a "Christian leader" and has no other qualifications to serve in the highest office in the United States.

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