Saturday, April 14, 2007

This week...

A lot has gone on this week. I found out that we could not move into my new house in two weeks because of legal technicalities. So, we're moving to a new house in Trussville. It's a great area and has a wonderful school system. That will be good for the kids. I have to find a new job and hopefully be able to start it by the beginning of May. That's not much of a problem for an RN. I submitted two applications for employment to hospitals in Birmingham and within two days both called and set up appointments for interviews. Every interview I've been to has resulted in a job offer. Maybe when we get moved and everything settles down I'll find a good agency and travel Birmingham. I can make a lot more money with a travel agency than I can as a hospital employee. But with the Master's degree program starting in the fall, I probably should stick with a hospital since the hours and scheduling would be more predictable. I've learned a lot this week too. I've learned that no matter how hard you work to achieve something, there is always someone out there who works harder, or at least is cunning enough, to prevent you from achieving it. But in the end, those who work against you out of spite or just plain evilness will get theirs. Actually, because of my recent change in plans, I am in a much better position. I'll be closer to my family first of all. We'll be back in the Birmingham Stake of the Church and significantly closer to the Birmingham temple. I have many more job opportunities. When the time comes and we decide to sell the house we are buying, the profit we make on it will be astounding. Those who sought to pull me and my family down didn't realize (and we didn't either, immediately) that they inadvertently put us in a much better position. So, Thanks guys!! No hard feelings. The Lord works in mysterious ways. My mission president told me once that sometimes the Lord uses the wicked to bring about His purposes. I can surely see this is true in this case. Well, a new week starts tomorrow. We'll go to church in the morning and get a spiritual boost for the coming week. That is, if we can hear anything while trying to keep my son still and quiet. And that's the way it is.
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