Monday, August 29, 2011

Eric Cantor is The Worst Person In the World

Folks, I'm not even going to sugar coat it, qualify it, or come up with some clever anecdote to illustrate my point. Eric Cantor is evil. He is a Republican congressman from Virginia and the House majority leader. Let's just cut to the chase, I've said Cantor is evil for a long time, but this just takes the cake. In my 31 years, anytime there has been a hurricane, earthquake, or tornado, the federal government has stepped in and provided funding for cleanup and rebuilding. Over the weekend, Eric Cantor said on Fox "News" that in order for the federal government to step in after Hurricane Irene and do what it has always done, there will have to be cuts in other areas in the budget. This is outrageous! Millions of Americans have been affected, and as of this writing, 35 Americans have lost their lives, across several states. And now this man, who time and time again has fought and continues to fight to cut taxes for the richest Americans and largest corporations, who has voted to dismantle Medicare and Medicaid and privatize Social Security, a man who has investments that literally bet against America and would have profited him big time had America defaulted on its debt. And during the whole debt ceiling debacle in July, Cantor was trying really hard to block any deal from happening. And let it be remembered that the whole whole debt ceiling crisis was a manufactured crisis created wholly by Republicans in Congress, with none other than Eric Cantor taking a leading role. This evening, Keith Olbermann declared Cantor today's Worst Person in the World. Keith, none have been more deserving of the honor. To tie your extreme right wing political agenda to the suffering of Americans due to a natural disaster makes Eric Cantor the Worst Person in the World, the least Christ-like person in the world, the most un-American person in the world, and completely evil. People of Virginia, I hope you will not tolerate this evil man to represent you for another term. I cannot believe the majority of people in his district are as heartless as he is.
Update: I just learned exactly what programs' budgets Mr. Cantor would like to cut. According to, On Fox "News" the majority leader said he "supported $1 billion in disaster relief funding as part of the Department of Homeland Security appropriations bill, which includes massive cuts to FEMA and first responders." Now I ask, what in the world kind of sense does that make Congressman? You mean to tell me you are going to slash funding to the very agency that is responsible for assisting in cleanup and reconstruction? And you want to slash funding to those who are trained to go out and find the injured and bring them aid and take them to the hospital? Are you mad? Are there people in your district who are actually as heartless as you and who will still vote for you? For the love of all that is good in this world, I hope not. I hope your constituents are better people than you are and will remove you from your position in the next election.

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