Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Americans Are Waking Up

I think Americans everywhere are finally waking up!! I have to admit, I feel a bit happy and proud that citizens are going to town hall meetings with their Republican congressmen and holding them accountable for their votes in favor of the Paul Ryan 2012 budget which gives the richest Americans and corporations a 10% tax cut while effectively dismantling our seniors' Medicare program, doubling their healthcare costs, cutting Medicaid, health programs for women and children, education programs, and other programs that help less fortunate Americans. People are upset all across this nation. You can see them from Ryan's own home district in Wisconsin all the way to Florida. They are young and old, and not having the wool pulled over their eyes any longer. Videos of these rightfully outraged citizens have been popping up all over the news, here's a link to a piece from Rachel Maddow's show from last night with several of these videos. You see, the Republican agenda is not anti-abortion or anti-gay marriage. That's just what they campaign on during election season so gullible Christians will vote for them. I know, I was one of them once. I'm still a Christian, just not a gullible one. The real agenda is to pass legislation that will line the pockets of those who have lined their campaign pockets, such as the health insurance industry! Why else would Paul Ryan's plan kill medicare and push seniors to the for-profit health insurance industry, where they will have to pay double for their health care what they are now paying? In case you're wondering Paul Ryan's second largest campaign contributions in 2010 came from the PACs and individuals associated with the health sector, including health insurance, pharmaceuticals, health professionals, and health services. Go to for more info. So, I guess you could say he collectively "owed them one". He showed Republicans true agenda, which is making the wealthiest Americans and largest corporations richer at the expense of those who can least afford it. Thankfully, Ryan's budget will never see the light of day in the Democratic-controlled Senate. But each and every Republican in the House of Representatives voted for this awful bill and each and every one of them should be held accountable for their reckless vote! Our parents and grandparents deserve better than to be thrown to the wolves. And these heartless Republicans who voted for this budget should pay for that vote at the polls in 2012 with our votes.

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