Friday, August 7, 2009

Republicans are not for us...

There was a wise instructor at JSU who once told me that the Republican party was the party of the rich. At the time I just saw it as the "moral party". I have grown and learned a lot since then. Now I have learned the truth. That instructor was 100% right, and I was majorly deluded and nearly brainwashed. The only thing Republicans care about are the rich, how to make the rich richer, taking money from the rich in order to keep their seats, and protecting the interests of the rich from whom they are taking so much money. Why do you think they are against healthcare reform?? Because they're protecting the interests of their "constituents", the rich and big business (insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, etc.) They don't care about the problems average Americans are facing, just their seats at the next election. What Rachel Maddow revealed on August 5th should sicken ALL middle class citizens across the land. And if you can still support the Republican party or any of these ultra right wing nuts, you're just as nutty as they are. Heed my warning...they don't care about you. They only care about the rich. They could care less if you go bankrupt because of medical bills, as long as they're reelected and the interests of the rich and big business are protected.

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