Friday, October 10, 2008

McCain is a Joke

I wonder how anyone with a working brain could vote for this guy. Let's make a fun little list of his irrational behavior in the last month...shall we??

1. He picked Sarah Palin to be his running mate, having met her only once. (Yeah I know that was more than a month ago, but very relevant.) See my previous post (video) for a demonstration on how great of a choice she has been.

2. After a huge drop in the stock market, McCain says, "...the fundamentals of the economy are strong."

3. Later rephrases this to say the fundamentals of the American worker are strong. (I for one think he said what he meant.)

4. Admits the economy is in trouble and pseudo-suspends his campaign to go to Washington to fix the problem.

5. Cancels David Letterman because he has to go to Washington to fix the economy, but immediately goes to do an interview with Katie Couric. David Letterman was not happy. He didn't go to Washington until the next day.

6. McCain says he will not attend the first presidential debate until he had helped finalize a bailout.

7. He went in and disrupted the bailout negotiations and caused a delay.

8. When it was apparent he could not fix the economy, and under a great deal of pressure, he went to the debate. (So nice of you to join us, Senator.)

9. He was for the bailout, then he was against it, then he was for it, then...

10. A top McCain spokesman predicts that if the campaign keeps talking about the economy, they will lose, and so they are trying to "turn the page" on the economy.

11. McCain announces his new strategy against Obama - link him to terrorist Bill Ayers, which has been disproven as far as any meaningful friendship/relationship is concerned. (Does the McCain campaign need to be reminded that Hillary Clinton tried that and failed already?)

12. A nice video came out of John McCain, in an earlier run at the white house, speaking on the trouble with running a very negative campaign.

13. Since announcing Sarah Palin as his running mate, McCain has kept a tight leash on her, only allowing her a few interviews, oh and even going so far as to attempt to postpone the Vice Presidential debate during his psuedo-campaign suspension.

14. Has come up with a plan to use hundreds of billions in tax payer money to bail out banks and mortgage companies who have caused our current economic crisis. Here's Obama's reaction.

Well, that's just a few examples of the more recent erratic behavior. Well, some people I know think I'm just wrong for voting for Obama. But I'm voting against John McCain. Can we afford such irresponsible and erratic behavior?? Honestly, I fear for our freedoms as Amercians under a McCain-Palin administration. Admittedly, I do like Obama's policies on the economy, taxes, and Iraq. I appreciate that Obama is steady and thoughtful. It is encouraging that we might have a President who is much more educated than our last one (not to mention McCain who was fifth from the bottom in his naval academy class of 900). So I guess I really am voting for Barack Obama.

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