Sunday, June 8, 2008


Wow, that was the longest primary season I've ever experienced...of course it's only the 7th of my life. So, congratulations to Barack Obama for clinching the Democratic nomination for President. He ran a great campaign and handily defeated the expected nominee, although the expected nominee decided to drag it out to this point. The Clintons aren't very accustomed to losing, so I guess she didn't know how to do so gracefully. I just pray that Obama doesn't give in to pressure and take her on the ticket. That would make him look weak, and how could you give Bubba a key to the White House?? All I gotta say is if Barack picks Hillary, and wins in November, he better really watch his back and hire someone to taste everything before he does. Am I insinuating that the Clintons would have Obama taken out?? Well, I go back to my statement that the Clintons aren't very graceful losers. And they'll say or do whatever they can to obtain power. This has been plainly manifest throughout the primary process, most obviously by Hillary's refusal to abide by the rules she agreed to and signed at the very beginning. Hillary's behavior has quite literally made me sick. When Florida and Michigan didn't matter and she thought she was sure to win the nomination, she agreed they would not be seated at the convention. But as soon as she desparately needed them, she sang a completely different tune. Of course I vehemently disagree with Father Pfleger's assertions that Hillary felt entitled to the nomination because she's white, but I do strongly agree that she feels entitled, and when her nomination was threatened, she showed her true colors. And I am thrilled that she will not be our next President. Well, she won't be as long as she's not picked for the Veep slot.

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