Saturday, July 21, 2007

I Love Harry Potter!!!

It's finally here!! Book 7, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and I could not possibly be more excited. Yes, I'm 27 years old (almost), and I am a huge Harry Potter fan...boy I feel better after getting that out. You know I heard a couple of morning talk show hosts here in B'ham last week and they insinuated that adults who like Harry Potter are immature losers with whom they would have nothing in common and nothing to talk about. To which I say, get over it. You obviously don't have kids, or a life for that matter. Sure, there are those who just never get into stuff like this. It's not their cup of tea, doesn't float their boat, their just interested in other things. But those who go on radio and say things like I heard last week are the same who don't like to read because it might just make them have to use their heads and think. These are the people who don't read anything. Not much of a personality, just rednecks trying to make themselves feel better by trying to seem "above" reading a kids' book. I've already read over half and intend to finish by the middle of the week. Let me tell you, this book is not for 8 year olds. It requires a little more maturity because of the content. Now, I'm not going to give anything away for those who haven't read it yet. Just so I don't come off as someone who only reads books intended for a younger audience, I read a lot of other things too. I've recently read an archaeological book about the tombs around Jerusalem, one about UFO sitings around the world (pretty interesting), a John Grisham novel, my ESPN the Magazines, church magazines, scriptures. I try to read a little of something everyday. Keeps the mind sharp. So for those out there who want to act all big and tough and impress your friends by saying you'd never read a Harry Potter book or go to a Harry Potter movie, I say, "Grow Up!!" Get married and have kids. You'd be surprised what you watch and read. I think you'd find a little more enjoyment in life and find out that Harry Potter and other works of fiction are actually very cool indeed.

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