Wednesday, June 20, 2007

New Lack of Respect

Ok, on my last post, I told everyone to back off George Bush. Well, I just read a news article last night and I now have lost almost all respect for the man. He was at some ceremony and the Auburn University swim team was being recognized. They presented him with a pair of blue and orange speedos, which was bad enough. Then he yelled out "War Eagle." At that moment I completely had a change of heart about him. Of course, I'm sure there's lots of Auburn fans out there who have gained a new found respect for him. But as a die hard Alabama fan, this is intolerable. You see, there are those out there who say, "I cheer for Auburn when there not playing Alabama because there still from our state, or they're the SEC team." FORGET THAT CRAP!!! Each week of college football, basketball, baseball, softball, volleyball, track, gymnastics, swimming, or whatever sport is going on, I want two teams to win: Alabama, and the team playing Auburn!!!! Now that is a true fan's attitude. Unfortunately, there are too many wishy-washy fans out there who are not truly dedicated to their team. Oh well. Can't force my will on all people. It just seems if he was going to cheer for anyone, it would be some school in his home state of Texas. Just goes to show that some people will say anything to make people like them.

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